Petalodus alleghaniensis            

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    Petalodus alleghaniensisan  Extinct Petalodont shark

    A nice Posterior tooth. Beautifully articulated. Matrix free. An excellent collector's piece from an old collection!  

    Age: Pennsylvanian (300 mya) ; Stanton Fm. (Missourian)

    Location: Louisville, Cass Co., Nebraska

    Z138            SIZE: 3/4" x  15/16" W

    This catalog includes a great selection of very rare Mississippian age (347 MM years ago) and Pennsylvanian age (300 MM years ago). The Paleozoic sharks are the first to evolve and the quantity of fossilized specimens is very small. The Paleozoic specimens are incredibly rare compared to the later period sharks, but are still affordable! Note - I added some incredible Nebraska and Iowa pieces from an old collection assembled during 1950-1980s with exceptional Peripristis & Petalodus teeth. These locations are no longer in existence.