Parotodus benedeni   Calvert Cliffs               

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An ultra rare, GEM Quality Parotodus benedeni shark tooth, the extinct False Mako shark, from Calvert Cliffs, Maryland. A March Fossil of the Month. Excellent tan color. Highest quality enamel and gloss. The cutting edge is razor shark. The root is complete. Fantastic preservation and condition. These teeth are rarely found and seen. A Miocene Benedeni tooth from the Calvert Fm. No repair or restoration. A super rare collectors' Benedeni tooth in the highest quality condition. Try finding one of these teeth! Authenticity guaranteed. Museum quality.

MD501           SIZE: 2"

Posting 2 Calvert Cliffs Parotodus benedeni shark teeth in March 2021.   Link to Parotodus teeth. 

The Calvert Cliffs in Maryland extend south from the area of Chesapeake Beach in northern Calvert County to Drum Point at the southern end of the county. Three geologic formations of Miocene age (approximately 6 to 20 million years old) are exposed in Calvert Cliffs. The layers of sediment are inclined slightly to the south, so that progressively younger beds are exposed from north to south along the cliffs. The oldest is the Calvert Formation on the northern end, progressing to the younger Choptank Formation and finally the youngest St. Marys Formation in the southern part.

These Calvert Cliffs Benedeni teeth are from an old collection (30 years old) and this collector loved Parotodus benedeni teeth. We discuss the rarity of Calvert Cliffs Benedeni teeth are much more rarer than Megs. These Benedeni teeth are extremely difficult to find!

Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.