Alopias grandis : Calvert Cliffs

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rare, Large Alopias grandis shark tooth, the extinct Giant Thresher, from Calvert Cliffs, Maryland. Nice tan color. Very good preservation and condition.  These teeth are not commonly found and seen. A rare collectors' tooth in high quality condition. Try finding one of these teeth! Authenticity guaranteed.    

MD031           SIZE: 1-11/16"

Posting six Giant Thresher shark teeth in August 2020.   Link to Thresher sharks. 

Alopias grandis is one of the three Giant Thresher sharks that appeared and went extinct in the Miocene. These Giant Thresher sharks include – 

  • Alopias grandis -  Giant Thresher with non-serrate teeth 
  • Trigonotodus alteri - Giant Thresher with non-serrate teeth which have side cusps
  • Alopias palatasi - Giant Thresher with serrated teeth

Alopias grandis teeth finds are generally believed to be limited to Maryland, Virginia, No. Carolina, and So. Carolina. Supposedly, there is also a Sharktooth Hill example or two.

These were large sharks and believed to be the size of a Great White shark.

Exceptionally rare species, and try finding one in any color. The Giant Thresher is a rare tooth from the Miocene epoch to find! An incredibly challenging tooth to find at this site.