Cretoxyrhina mantelli

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A LARGE, Top Quality Cretoxyrhina mantelli, an extinct Mackerel (Odontid) shark tooth from Dallas Co., Texas. An October Fossil of the Month. An excellent example of this Late Cretaceous Kamp Ranch Fm. shark. An anterior tooth (A2). Authenticity guaranteed. Perfect tooth. 

T061           SIZE: 1-5/16"

Note - Adding 100+ new Texas shark teeth in October 2021.   Link to Texas shark teeth

Cretoxyrhina mantelli, the Ginsu shark, is a very popular Cretaceous shark. Crowns are smooth. These teeth were collected from the Kamp Ranch Formation.

Kamp Ranch Formation is limestone which is part of the Eagle Ford Group that dates to the Middle Turonian age (90 MYA) in Dallas County, Texas.