Cretoxyrhina mantelli

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A Top Quality Cretoxyrhina mantellian extinct Mackerel (Odontid) shark tooth from Travis Co., Texas. An excellent example of this Late Cretaceous South Bosque Shale (Eagle Ford) Fm. shark. An anterior tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. Perfect tooth. 

T064           SIZE: 1-3/16"

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Cretoxyrhina mantelli, the Ginsu shark, is a very popular Cretaceous shark. Crowns are smooth. These teeth were collected from the Eagle Ford Formation.

Eagle Ford Group  - The Eagle Ford Group is a sedimentary rock formation deposited during the Cenomanian and Turonian ages (~93 MYA)  of the Late Cretaceous that covers much central Texas. Eagle Ford Group contains the following fossil bearing units.

  • South Bosque Shale is a member of the Eagle Ford Group in Central Texas