Cretodus crassidens

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A LARGE, High Quality Cretodus crassidensan extinct Mackerel shark, tooth from Dallas Co., Texas. An excellent example of this Lower Cretaceous Eagle Ford Fm. tooth. These massive teeth have a design that includes a large / heavy root with high root face, a narrow crown width, and broad side cusps. This is the big shark tooth in Texas Cretaceous deposits which can reach 2.6". This is an anterior tooth with perfect side cusps. Authenticity guaranteed. I don't see many of these teeth.

T181            SIZE: 2-1/4"

Note - Adding 100+ new Texas shark teeth in October 2021.   Link to Texas shark teeth

This catalog contains excellent teeth from an extinct Mackerel shark - Cretodus crassidens. These teeth were collected from the Kamp Ranch Formation, Dallas  Co. All teeth are complete and well preserved.

Kamp Ranch Formation is limestone which is part of the Eagle Ford Group that dates to the Middle Turonian age (90 MYA) in Dallas County, Texas.