Galeocerdo cuvier                  

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A Top Quality Galeocerdo cuvier tooth, the Tiger shark, for sale from So. Carolina.  Excellent color and condition. These teeth are Miocene-Pliocene age. An excellent collector's tooth. Authenticity guaranteed.

SC410        SIZE: 1-1/4"

Note - Adding 15 So. Carolina Tiger shark teeth in Oct. 2020.       Link to So. Carolina Tiger shark teeth.

This catalog contains exceptional teeth from Galeocerdo cuvier, the Tiger shark.These Galeocerdo cuvier teeth are noted for their hooked crowns, heavy to fine serrations, and wide, flat roots. These teeth are from the Pliocene (approx. 4 million years ago). Very unique and highly attractive specimens from a somewhat common species. All perfect or near perfect specimens. These teeth come from a Ridgeville, SC land site, and other coastal rivers.