Parotodus benedeni

ST401 BoP
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An Ultra Rare, TOP QUALITY Parotodus benedeni tooth from the Sharktooth Hill area, near Bakersfield, California. A November Fossil of the Month. Note - This tooth is still embedded is its oririginal matrix consisting of Round Mountain silt formation along with several mammal bones making a fantastic display! This tooth has a highly desirable tan enamel and a very massive chocolate colored root. The crown enamel has good luster and sharp edges. Highest quality enamel! NO repair! A very difficult tooth to locate.  A fantastic collector's tooth! Authenticity guaranteed. Museum Quality. One of the rarest P. benedeni teeth! Note - the base of the matrix is flat making this an instant display piece!

ST401  BoP            SIZE: 2-3/8"

Below is a very rare tooth from P. benedeni. These teeth exhibit an incredibly massive root and a heavy crown that is only characteristic to this unique species. Here's your chance to own a rare P. benedeni from Sharktooth Hill.  Rare specimen from a former Bob Ernst quarry