Isurus hastalis  - Peru

P301 BoP
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An incredible BLOOD RED &  BLACK Top Quality, EXTRA LARGE Isurus hastalis tooth from Peru. Rare colors - only found in Peru. Excellent definition and preservation. Razor sharp edges and a sharp tip. An excellent upper jaw anterior tooth. No repair. Museum quality! A fantastic collector's tooth! You won't find another Mako like this one!

P301  BoP         SIZE: 2-1/2"

This catalog contains exceptional teeth from the big-tooth Mako shark - Isurus hastalis. The upper jaw teeth are noted for their well defined triangular crown and broad roots (upper jaw) while the lower jaw teeth exhibit  slender crowns - all  without serrations. Complete lower jaw teeth are hard to find since they are much more fragile. Miocene age (14 million years ago). Collected in the Ica area. Top quality Peruian I. hastalis teeth are always tough to find! You can not beat the best quality Peruvian Isurus teeth. These Peruvian Makos are essentially impossible to find any more. There are some incredible colorful gems in this group.  Our best ever group top quality collector's Peruvian Mako teeth!  Note - No new supply available for 10 years.