Hexanchus griseus - Peru

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An Ultra Rare, LARGE Hexanchus griseus tooth from the Sacaco area of Peru. This is complete lower jaw tooth. Superb preservation and color. Fantastic charcoal gray color - very unique! Ten very large and sharp primary cusps. An excellent complete root. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. Museum Quality rare collector's tooth. Unfortunately there are no more teeth coming from this site. This is a rare piece from an old collection.

P752          Size: 1-13/16" (wide)

Note - Adding 9 new Peruvian Hexanchus teeth in March 2022 ->  Link to Hexanchus Teeth 

This catalog contains gorgeous teeth from the Six-gilled or cow shark, Hexanchus griseus. Hexanchus teeth are one of the scarce and well preserved fossils that are unique from Peru. The highly desirable lower jaw teeth are very large and noted for a saw-like row of cusps and wide rectangular roots. Upper jaw teeth vary from single crowns to fewer multi-crowns. These top quality shark teeth are fairly rare, very showy and difficult to find, making them an excellent addition to your shark teeth collection. These teeth are rarely seen for sale and the Peru site produced some phenomenal specimens. Those who have hunted in the Lee Creek mine know how difficult it is to find this tooth.

Please note that exceptional Hexanchus griseus teeth are very difficult to locate. Most of these teeth are destroyed when collected due to their fragile nature or are covered with matrix that is too hard to remove. Thus, you will often find many incomplete or broken teeth on the market. An incredible group of perfect or near perfect teeth from my old inventory. These fantastic Museum Quality teeth for the discriminating collector! Get one while they last.

Note - lower jaw teeth sizes are expressed in width.