Otodus auriculatus      

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A Good quality Otodus auriculatus anterior tooth from Onslow Beach, No. Carolina. Good preservation and condition. Serrations are visible. This tooth has some water wear by the surf. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed.

NC083           SIZE: 2-1/8"

Adding 4 No. Carolina Auriculatus teeth in August 2020.   Link to No. Carolina Auriculatus teeth.


This catalog contains teeth from Otodus auriculatus, the first Giant White shark. O. auriculatus teeth are noted for their triangular crown and very large side cusps which are heavily serrated. These Auriculatus teeth are from the Eocene Castle Hayne Fm. (Bartonian age  38-45 million years ago). Absolutely NO restoration or repair in this group! 

Otodus auriculatus - is the ancestor to C. megalodon, and exhibits well pronounced medium to heavy serrations covering the crown and irregular side cusp serrations.