Carcharocles auriculatus      

NC103 BoP
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A GORGEOUS, Top Quality copper red colored Auriculatus tooth - an upper jaw lateral tooth from the Meherrin River in northeastern No. Carolina. Incredible rare copper red colors. Highest quality enamel. No enamel peel. The bourlette is excellent. The serrations are sharp and large tip serration. Excellent side cusps. The root is gorgeous with no hydration cracks on the face. No repair! An ultra rare Auriculatus collector's tooth.  Authenticity guaranteed.

NC103  BoP     SIZE: 2-9/16"

This catalog contains gorgeous copper red colored teeth from C. auriculatus, the first Giant White shark. C. auriculatus teeth are noted for their triangular crown and very large side cusps which are heavily serrated. These Auriculatus teeth are from the Eocene Castle Hayne Fm. (38-45 million years ago). They are found in the northern part of the state known for the rare copper red colored teeth. These copper red  colored teeth are quite rare and very difficult to find which adds to their rarity. All teeth listed are near museum quality or better. Absolutely NO restoration or repair in this group! Try finding one of these species with the rare copper red colors!