Carcharomodus escheri                

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A rare Top Quality Carcharomodus escheri, a "serrated Mako" shark tooth - upper jaw anterior tooth from the "De Kuilen" sand pit, Mill, The Netherlands. A July Fossil of the Month. The Carcharomodus escheri  was named as a new genus in 2015 based upon a crenulated cutting edge ("wavy serrations"), slender & distally inclined crown, and side cusplets. This is a "Blue" layer tooth which are know for the highest preservation and best color - rarely seen outside of Europe. This tooth has excellent color and preservation. Sharp cutting edge. Two side cusplets. The age is late Miocene (approx. 6-8 million years ago). An excellent rare collector's tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. Perfect tooth. A difficult tooth to source.

N003        SIZE: 1-3/4"

Note - Adding 17 Netherlands Carcharomodus escheri teeth in July 2023.  Link to Netherlands Escheri teeth


This catalog contains exceptional teeth from a very rare and unique Lamnid (Mako) shark - Carcharomodus (Isurus) escheriCarcharomodus escheri is a late Miocene age shark that evolved from Carcharodon (Isurus) hastalis and added characteristic of crenulated or "very fine wavy serrations" to the cutting edge. The serrations are much finer and different than those of the Great White transition teeth (Carcharodon hubbelli) that are found in Chile, Peru, and elsewhere. The Carcharomodus escheri is a dead end lineage that disappeared early in the Pliocene. These teeth were collected in "De Kuilen" sand pit, Mill, The Netherlands. Age is late Miocene (approx. 6-8 million years ago). The teeth from the Mill come in varying quality. I have a small group of exceptional teeth to offer from this rare species that are complete and well preserved.