Sphyrna mokarran : Mexico

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A LARGE, TOP QUALITY Great Hammerhead shark tooth, Sphyrna mokarran, from Baja, Mexico. Excellent color and serrations (Note - the great Hammerhead has serrated teeth). A large lateral tooth from a Pliocene land deposit in the Gloria Fm. No repair or restoration.  Authenticity guaranteed. A scarce collector's tooth from a rare locality.

MX241            SIZE: 9/16"

Posting 19 species (68 rare shark teeth) from Baja, Mexico.   Link to Mexican shark teeth -> Mexico shark teeth

A great Pliocene example of the extant Great Hammerhead shark, Sphyrna mokarranGreat Hammerhead shark is the largest Hammerhead shark which can grow to 20 feet in length. This shark resides in tropical and warm temperate waters worldwide. Known to attach and kill humans. These teeth are from a very old collection of rare Baja, Mexico shark teeth.