Xiphodolamia ensis                         

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An EXTRA LARGE, anterior Xiphodalamia tooth from the Tolagaysor Fm.,  Aktulagay, western Kazakhstan. This is an early Eocene (Ypresian) Lamnidae tooth. This scarce shark species had very unique teeth. Excellent condition and preservation. Difficult to find! Authenticity guaranteed.

K351         Size: 1"

Note - Adding 11 Xiphodolamia teeth in April 2020.   Link to Kazakh Xiphodolamia teeth.

The Xiphodolamia teeth are incredible - perfect condition, superb preservation, great colors, and exceedingly rare. These Eocene teeth are rarely found around the world and this Kazakhstan site is yielding the best examples known. The shape of these teeth are like no other shark and is quite intriguing. These are Eocene teeth (middle Ypresian - 50 mya) from Aktologay, W. Kazakhstan. I have not seen a new supply for 10+ years. Another excellent selection ever from my old inventory!

Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.