Otodus angustidens turgidus - Kazakhstan

K594 BoP
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A very rare, Angustidens tooth from Karagie Depression, Mangyshlak, western Kazakhstan. This location produces top quality teeth with brown colored enamel. The bourlette is complete. Nice extra coarse serrations and large side cusps. The root is complete.These teeth exhibit exceptional color, gloss, and preservation. A super rare Upper Oligocene Angustidens tooth. Chatttian age - 26 MYA. No repair. Authenticity guaranteed. I have only seen four Angustidens from Kazakhstan!

K594 BoP           SIZE: 2-1/16"

Note - Adding 4 Kazakh Angustidens teeth in November 2021. -->  Link to Kazakh Angustidens teeth.

Rare teeth from Otodus angustidens, the direct ancestor to the Extinct Giant White shark (Otodus megalodon). Otodus angustidens teeth are noted for their triangular crowns and small side cusps that are fully serrated. The serrations are very sharp and very well pronounced. These teeth are from the Oligocene (25 - 32 million years ago).