Hexanchus casieri

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An EXTRA LARGE, ultra rare Top Quality Hexanchus casieri, Six-gill Cow shark, tooth from Zheltaur, Kazakhstan. This lower jaw tooth has 10 primary cusps. An Eocene (Priabonian), Adaj Fm. Cow shark species. The Kazakh Hexanchus casieri  teeth are quite rare and excellent examples are hard to locate. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. Perfect tooth. Old collection material. The Hexanchus teeth from Kazakhstan shark teeth were never commercially available!

K465          SIZE: 5/8"

Note - Adding 18 Rare Kazakh Hexanchus & Heptranchias  teeth in June 2023.    Kazakhstan Hexanchus teeth Catalog

This catalog contains beautiful teeth from the Seven-gill Cow shark - Notoryncus kempi and other Notorynchus species. N. kempi lower jaw teeth are fairly large and noted for a saw-like row of cusps and wide rectangular roots. Upper jaw teeth vary from single crowns to fewer multi-crowns. The preservation of these middle Eocene teeth is outstanding - showing exquisite detail. These teeth have been hand selected from a large group to ensure excellent condition, great color, and extra large size. These are highly attractive and fairly rare fossil shark teeth from a very unique deposit. Our best selection ever with many very difficult to find position teeth. You rarely see this many upper jaw teeth. This collection took some time to assemble! These are highly attractive fossil shark teeth from a very unique deposit. These are beautiful flawless or near flawless teeth! Another excellent selection ever from my old inventory! I have not seen a new supply for 10+ years.

Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.