Mosasaurus anceps (Prognathodon)

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A Quality Mosasaurus (Prognathodon ) anceps tooth from the phosphate mining area  near Amman, Jordan. Very good condition and preservation. No repair or restoration. Near complete tooth. These teeth are late Cretaceous age.  Note - this Mosasaur is renamed to the Prognathodon genus. Authenticity guaranteed.

J204                      SIZE: 1-3/8" 

These are large examples of extinct Mosasaurus (Prognathodon) anceps, a large Cretaceous, marine reptile. Please note that the genus name of this Mosasaur is changing to Prognathodon.

Sharks had to fear these creatures! Found in the phosphate mining region, near Amman, Jordan. A massive Mosasaur tooth from the hero of Jurassic World!