Notorynchus primigenius - Germany

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An EXTRA LARGE, early Top Quality Sevengill Cow shark (Notorhynchus primigenius) - a lower jaw tooth from Nemuhle, Germany. An early Oligocene age tooth (Rupelian - 32 MYA). Note - this tooth cracked and was professionally repaired. An excellent tooth for the rare tooth collector! Near perfect tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. These teeth were found in many closed quarries.

GR402          Size: 1-1/8" 

Note - Adding 12 German Cow shark teeth in August 2022 -> Link to German Shark Teeth

This catalog contains excellent and rare Oligocene age Sevengill Cow shark (Notorhynchus primigenius) - fossil shark tooth. A deep water shark. These teeth are from the Germany. For the rare tooth collector!