Alopias grandis : No. Carolina         

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A High Quality Rare Alopias grandis shark tooth, an extinct GiantThresher shark, from the Meherrin River copper red site in No. Carolina. An excellent tooth with copper-red colors. Very good preservation and condition. This tooth is middle Miocene age, Hertford Co., NC. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. A rare collectors' tooth. Try finding one of these teeth!  I have seen less than six in 30 years.

NC503            SIZE: 1-5/16"


Alopias grandis is one of the three Giant Thresher sharks that appeared and went extinct in the Miocene. These Giant Thresher sharks include – 

  • Alopias grandis -  Giant Thresher with non-serrate teeth 
  • Trigonotodus alteri - Giant Thresher with non-serrate teeth which have side cusps
  • Alopias palatasi - Giant Thresher with serrated teeth

Alopias palatasi teeth finds are generally believed to be limited to Maryland, Virginia, No. Carolina, and So. Carolina. Supposedly, there is also a Sharktooth Hill example or two.

These were large sharks and believed to be the size of a Great White shark.

A rare species. Try finding one in any color; let alone in the copper red color. The Giant Thresher teeth are rare from the Miocene to find! An incredibly challenging tooth to find at this site. A very rare offering for the rare shark tooth collectors!