Sphryna laevissimus               

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A GEM, LARGE Sphryna laevissimus, a Hammerhead shark tooth from Chile. One of the tougher species to find at the Bahia Inglesa Fm. site. Perfect tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. The BEST!

C800              SIZE: 1/2"

This catalog contains very well preserved teeth from the Hammerhead shark. A difficult to find species at the Chile site. These teeth are Miocene-Pliocene age (4-8 million years ago). This is an incredible group of museum to near museum quality. These teeth are infrequently seen for sale and the Chile site is producing some phenomenal specimens.

These teeth are from 15+ year old stashed inventory. There are not too many left. These teeth are getting very difficult to locate!

Note - 1) All teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.