Aetomylaeus sp.                                          

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An exceptional Aetomylaeus sp., an Eagle ray, mouth plate from Caldera area of Chile. An excellent plate of pavement teeth from the lower jaw. The specimen resides on its original phosphorite matrix. This plate has exceptional preservation, fantastic dark red colors, and exceptionally clean. Note - the bottom side of this specimen is covered with matrix. An incredible late Miocene Eagle ray mouth plate from the Bahia Inglesa Fm. Museum Quality. Authenticity guaranteed. Unfortunately there are no more teeth coming from this site. An excellent display piece!

C952        SIZE: 2-5/8"  (2-5/16" Wide)

Note - Adding 4 Chilean Ray mouth plates in April 2022.  ->  Link to Chilean rays.


This catalog contains very well preserved and large teeth from an Aetomylaeus sp., an Eagle ray. Please note that this genera was identified in 2019 and it is a sister genera to MyliobatusThese beautiful teeth show exceptional color and exquisite detail. Upper jaw, lower jaw and stinger barbs are included. Late Miocene-Pliocene age (4-6 million years ago). This is an incredible group of museum to near museum quality. This is an incredible group of ray teeth from my old inventory. Chile produces the finest examples of Eagle ray teeth.

Note -  All ray teeth sizes are length  x width.