Parotodus species : Peru              

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    very rare, Top Quality Parotodus species tooth from the Ica region of Peru. Highest quality enamel. An excellent brown colored crown with razor sharp edges. Excellent color. This is a late Eocene age tooth (40-42 MYA).  A desert shark from the deserts of Peru!  No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. You never see these teeth.  

    P103          SIZE: 1-1/8"

    Note - Adding 3 Peruvian Parotodus teeth in July 2021 ->  Link to Parotodus Teeth

    A very rare Parotodus species tooth from the Ica Region of Peru. This is a late Eocene age tooth (40-42 MYA) and may be named Parotodus mangyshlakensis (such as the Eocene Prarotodus teeth from Kazakhstan).