Isurus praecursor Dentition  (Eocene)               

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A very rare Isurus praecursor dentitionThere are 60 teeth total (26 uppers and 24 lowers). Teeth range from 1-9/16" to 1". All teeth are top quality or near top quality condition. The dentition is approximately 16" wide and 12" tall. Great color and excellent condition. Very attractive. Individual tooth cost is less than $20 - cheap! You will not see a set of teeth from Isurus praecursor very often.

SC1200             SIZE: 16" x 12"

This catalog contains an exceptional, rare dentition of  the Isurus praecursor,  the earliest Mako shark.  I was able to construct an Eocene Isurus praecursor dentition - all Harleyville Santee Limestone teeth. You may never see another one of these! The anterior teeth range from 1-3/8" to 1-9/16". The lateral teeth include many 1" to 1-1/4" teeth. All teeth in top quality to near top quality condition. There are 60 teeth total (26 uppers and 24 lowers). I used the "same basic" dentition design as the Isurus oxyrhincus, the extant Shortfin Mako. The dentition is approximately 16" wide and 12" tall. Dentition includes 8 large (1-3/8" to 1-9/16") anterior teeth, 20 large (1"+) lateral teeth, 16 medium sized (~1") lateral teeth, and 16 back lateral & posterior teeth. Photos below. Isurus praecursor teeth are very difficult to find; especially with all these position teeth! This dentition would cost more than $1500 if purchased separately. Price = $1250. Try finding another another Isurus praecursor dentition!

Santee Limestone Formation - The Santee Limestone Formation (Green Cap Formation) is well known for shark teeth that are well preserved and possess excellent color. The Santee Limestone Formation is exposed in several quarries in the Harleyville area of Dorchester County. These teeth are from the Eocene (38 million years ago). The exceptional quality shark teeth from this area are very scarce. One of my favorite locations for exceptional quality Eocene teeth!