Shark Tooth Necklace Pendant

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A Top Quality fossil Angustidens, the Megalodon ancestor, shark tooth necklace pendant from So. Carolina. This tooth has a gray color. This pendant is professionally created and includes a sterling silver straps & bail (.925 sterling). This is an authentic Miocene fossil shark tooth. This is a very special pendant for your special gentleman friend or yourself. Very showy. Makes an excellent gift.    Type: Angustidens

Item: SC06J      Size: 1-7/8”  

Note - Adding 12 SC shark tooth necklaces in May 2023. --> Link to SC fossil necklaces.

Buried Treasure Fossils offers a group of high quality fossil shark tooth necklaces and pendants that include an authentic Great White, Megalodon or Mako shark tooth from So. Carolina. We also have leatherette necklace cords that have a simple clasp. Each wire wrapped shark tooth comes with a necklace cord at no cost. A fun summer necklace and a great collector’s item!
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