Necklace - Peru GW

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Wire wrapped Peruvian fossil Great White and Mako shark teeth for necklaces. An excellent colorful serrated Great White shark tooth. These teeth have a simple aluminum wire wrap and come with a leatherette necklace cord with a simple clasp (*** upon request as noted below). The leatherette necklace cords come in nine colors. These are authentic Miocene or Pliocene fossil shark teeth. Just in time for your summer fun! Note: there are 9 leatherette cord colors available - black, brown, lime, orange, red, blue, pink, magento or purple. *** Please make a selection your necklace color and send us an email (cord at no cost).

Type: Great White   Item: P12J    Size: 1-7/8”    

Note - Adding 25 Peruvian Great White and Mako skark necklaces in July 2023.   Link to Shark Tooth Necklaces

Buried Treasure Fossils has a group of colorful necklace grade Great White and Mako shark teeth which have a simple aluminum wire wrap. We also have leatherette necklace cords that have a simple clasp. These necklace cords come in nine colors. Each wire wrapped shark tooth comes with a necklace cord at no cost.

The shark teeth necklaces are priced at the cost of the tooth. If the necklace breaks or you no longer have an interest in a necklace, you still will have an authentic, rare fossil Great White or Mako tooth from the deserts of Peru. A great collector’s item!

Please note the shark tooth necklaces from Peru were readily available 20 years ago as teeth were exported from Peru. Now that exportation of Peruvian teeth has been banned for 15+ years, you rarely see necklaces with Peruvian teeth. Today, the shark tooth necklace industry uses inexpensive and low quality shark teeth from Morocco. The Moroccan teeth do not have the quality or durability or value of the larger Peruvian fossil shark teeth.