Hexanchus sp.

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An ULTRA RARE, Top Quality, rare lower jaw tooth from Hexanchus sp. from Nye Mudstone, Oregon. A February Fossil of the Month. Excellent brown color. Ten perfect primary cusps. Found in the Nye Mudstone Fm., Miocene age. An incredibly rare Hexanchus tooth! Authenticity guaranteed. Museum quality. Perfect tooth. I have never seen a Hexanchus tooth from Oregon.

OR01       SIZE: 1-1/2"  (wide)  

Note - Adding 4 Cow shark teeth from Oregon in February 2022.     Link to Oregon Cow shark teeth.

This catalog contains incredibly rare teeth from the cow shark from Oregon. The highly desirable lower jaw teeth are noted for their wide root topped with saw-like row of cusps. These teeth are very scarceI have never seen a Hexanchus tooth from Oregon!