Hexanchus griseus - Sixgill Cow shark

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An ultra rare, Quality lower jaw lateral Hexanchus tooth - the Sixgill Cow shark, from the Lee Creek mine, Aurora, No. Carolina. This tooth has a rich blue & tan crown with a brownroot. Ten main cusps (all complete). Yes, the root has cracks on the display side, but the tooth never broke and has been quite sturdy.  Incredible color and preservation. These are Pliocene age, Yorktown Formation teeth. A fantastic collector's tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. Complete Lee Creek Hexanchus teeth are rarely found, and this is the first time that I can offer them!

LC633         Size: 1-5/8"

Note - Adding 39 Lee Creek Cow Shark teeth in February 2023        Link to Lee Creek Cow shark teeth.

This catalog contains excellent shark teeth from the highly sought after Cow sharks, Notorhynchus primigenius, a Sevengill Cow shark and the ultra rare Hexanchus griseus, the Sixgill Cow shark. These Cow shark teeth exhibit wide rectangular root that is topped with a saw-like row of six cusps. The Cow shark family is fairly rare and exceptional specimens are hard to locate. The Notorynchus teeth are Miocene age found in the Pungo River Formation (15 million years old) from the Lee Creek mine in No. Carolina and are among the finest known Miocene Sevengill Cow shark examples. The Hexanchus teeth are Pliocene age from the Yorktown Formation. This is the best group of Cow shark teeth that I have seen in a long time!