Hexanchus andersoni

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An Ultra Rare, Top Quality Hexanchus andersoni lower jaw symphyseal tooth from Sharktooth Hill area, near Bakersfield, California. An October Fossil of the Month.  A lower jaw symphyseal tooth with 5 primary cusps.  Excellent tancolor. One of the most difficult Hexanchus teeth to find! Authenticity guaranteed. Perfect symphyseal tooth with the unique H. andersoni design!  The BEST! This tooth was part of a 25 year collection. My last symphyseal tooth.

ST601         SIZE: 3/4"  

Note - Adding 9 Hexanchus andersoni teeth in October 2023.     Link to Hexanchus andersoni teeth.

This catalog contains teeth from the cow shark - Hexanchus andersoni. The highly desirable lower jaw teeth are noted for their wide root topped with saw-like row of cusps. These teeth are very scarceUpper and lower jaw teeth included!