Carcharhinus leucas - So. Carolina

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A Top Quality, Carcharhinus leucas, Bull shark, tooth from the Ridgeville, So. Carolina. An upper jaw tooth. The tooth is exceptionally clean and sharp. This Bull shark - Carcharhinus leucas is a from late Miocene deposit. Beautiful color and fantastic preservation! Authenticity guaranteed. 

SC754             SIZE: 15/16"

Note - Adding 12 So. Carolina Bull shark teeth in Oct. 2020  ->  Link to So. Carolina Bull shark teeth

This catalog contains very large and beautiful teeth from the Bull shark - Carcharhinus leucasThese teeth exhibit exceptional size and color. The Bull teeth are of excellent quality exhibiting a serrated crown and an interesting heavy root. These teeth are Miocene-Pliocene age (4-15 million years ago). This is an incredible group of museum to near museum quality. These Ridgeville, So. Carolina teeth are infrequently seen for sale. These teeth are old inventory items.