Carcharocles megalodon      

NC018 BoP
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The second December Fossil of the Month - "Best of No. Carolina Megalodons" is an ultra rare, GEM North Carolina Carcharocles megalodon - upper jaw anterior tooth from the copper-red site. It has an exceptional copper-red colored crown with an exceptional dark brown bourlette - 100% complete. Highest quality enamel with no hydration cracks. Razor sharp serrations with a sharp tip serration. Perfect serrations. The root is complete and very nicely articulated with essentially no hydration cracks. Note - you rarely see a copper-red Meg that has a top quality crown, bourlette, root and, serrations - a top 1% tooth from this site! Definitely, one of the finest copper-red Megalodon teeth that I have seen! The BEST of the BEST. The PERFECT NC Megalodon tooth! NC018 SIZE: 3-11/16"

This catalog contains exceptional copper red colored teeth from the most highly sought fossil shark - the extinct Giant White shark, C. megalodon. These teeth are from the Miocene Pungo River Fm. and the Pliocene Yorktown Fm. (like the Lee Creek site), but are found in the northern part of the state known for the rare copper red colored teeth. These copper red colored teeth are quite rare and very difficult to find which adds to their rarity.  All teeth listed are near museum quality or better. NO restoration or repair in this group! One of the rarest Megs available. One of the rarest Meg teeth to have in your collection and my supply is very limited! This offering includes thelast of the quality Megs. Try finding a Megalodon tooth with the rare copper red colors!