Otodus sokolovi - Morocco

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A rare LARGE, Top Quality Otodus sokolovi tooth from Boujdour, Western Sahara, Morocco. Enamel quality is excellent with a large bourlette. The serrations are very sharp with an excellent tip serration. The side cusps are complete with erratic serrations - (an older sokolovi version). The root is massive and complete with one nick on the front. Exceptional preservation. This tooth is Middle Eocene age, Aridal Formation (approx. 42 million years ago). No repair or restoration! Authenticity guaranteed. 

M052            SIZE: 3-1/4"

Adding 5 Otodus sokolovi teeth in November 2021.  Link to Moroccan Otodus sokolovi teeth.



This catalog contains excellent teeth from Otodus sokolovi, the first Giant White shark.Otodus sokolovi teeth are noted for their triangular crown and very large side cusps which are heavily serrated. These teeth are from the middle Eocene (Lutetian - 42 million years ago). Exceptional quality Auriculatus teeth are now coming out of northern Morocco in very limited quantities. A very rare find in Morocco!  *** Please note that these teeth come from the remote Western Sahara (Dakhla) area. These "Auriculatus" are a late stage of Auriculatus development that are referred to as Otodus sokolovi. The area has now produced dozens of them, but few pristine, top quality specimens.***