Carcharocles auriculatus - Suwanee

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A rare, LARGE Top Quality Suwanee Auriculatus tooth from the Suwanee River, northern Florida. An exceptional upper jaw lateral tooth. Gorgeous black colored crown with a brown colored bourlette, and brown root. Highest quality enamel with great river polish. Excellent color & preservation. The serrations are large and sharp with a slightly worn tip serration. The root is complete. It is very hard to find these teeth in perfect condition. An excellent BIG collector's Suwanee River Auriculatus tooth! Authenticity guaranteed.

F434           SIZE: 2-15/16"

Note - Adding 15 Suwanee / Florida Auriculatus teeth in January 2022.     Link to the Suwanee Auriculatus teeth.

This catalog contains excellent teeth from Carcharocles auriculatus, the first Giant White shark to evolve which would eventually lead to the Megalodon shark in the Miocene. C. auriculatus teeth are noted for their triangular crown and very large side cusps which are heavily serrated. These teeth are from the Upper Eocene (38 million years ago).

All of these C. auriculatus teeth were found in the Upper Eocene Ocala Limestone Formation exposed in the Suwanee River, Suwanee County, Florida. These Auriculatus teeth exhibit high quality preservation and can be very colorful.  A little "river polish" adds to the attractiveness of these Auriculatus teeth. One of my favorite locations for Auriculatus teeth specimens in the world.