Serratolamna koerti                             

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A LARGE, Top Quality Serratolamna koerti, an extinct Sand Tiger shark, tooth from the phosphate mines of Hahotoe, Togo. An anterior tooth with large cusps. Excellent color and preservation. This tooth is Lutetian age (45 MYA), lower middle Eocene. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. A Perfect tooth.

TG107         SIZE: 1-7/16"

Note - Adding 117 shark teeth from Togo in March 2022.    Link to Togo Shark Teeth


This catalog contains a rare Serratolamna species - Serratolamna koerti. This species has recently been renamed. A very unusual and seldom scene species! Incredibly large sized specimens available!

The Togo teeth are well preserved with good color, and they represent a geologic age that is different from other localities. They are Lutetian age (45 MYA), lower middle Eocene. So, this deposit is older than the Moroccan early Eocene & Cretaceous phosphate teeth and younger than the Moroccan late Eocene Dhakla fossils.

Togo is a small West African national situated between Ghana and Benin. If you still have no idea where Togo resides, it is to the west of Nigeria. Togo’s leading industry is phosphate mining and phosphate ore is one of their main exports. And where there is phosphate, good marine fossils are often found.