Scaldicetus - Sperm Whale

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A Top Quality, Extra Large Sperm whale tooth, Scaldicetus sp., from the ACE river basin, So. Carolina. A Miocene age whale tooth. This tooth has a wonderful spiked enamel crown and a large, nearly complete round root. The tip of the crown has a small natural wear facet - quite common for these teeth. This tooth shows excellent detail - very well preserved. The root is extra wide and nicely articulated. A very well preserved specimen with no river wear! An excellent BIG Sperm whale tooth. You do not see many Sperm whale teeth in Top Quality condition. Authenticity guaranteed.

SC1225            Size: 5-1/16" (1-3/4" W)

Scaldicetus is an extinct genus of a highly predatory Sperm whale that lived in the middle to late Miocene. Scaldicetus had large teeth with irregularly wavy enamel on their conical crowns. Probable Megalodon food source along with other whale species. South Carolina occassionally produces excellent Scaldicetus teeth.