Scaldicetus sp. - Sperm Whale

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An EXTRA LARGE, Top Quality Scaldicetus sp., a Sperm whale, tooth from Caldera area of Chile. An incredible late Miocene Sperm whale tooth from the Bahia Inglesa Fm. An August Fossil of the Month. This tooth has exceptional preservation, fantastic brown color, and is very clean. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. Unfortunately there are no teeth coming from this site 17 years. My last extra large Chilean Sperm whale tooth. The BEST! 

C701        SIZE:  6-5/16"  

Note - Adding 11 Chilean Sperm whale fossils in August 2023. -> Link to Whale teeth.

Scaldicetus is an extinct genus of a highly predatory sperm whale that lived in the middle to late Miocene. Scaldicetus had large teeth with irregularly wavy enamel on their conical crowns. Probable Megalodon food source along with other whale species. Chile produces exceptional Scaldicetus teeth and complete sets are occassionally found. A 15 year+ old collection piece.