Rolfodon ludvigseni

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A Very Rare, Top Quality (Gem) Rolfodon ludvigseni tooth from Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada. An August Fossil of the Month. This is a new genius of Frill shark from the Late Cretaceous deep water Northumberland Formation deposit. A unique species of Chlamydoselachiform shark, the Frill shark. These teeth exhibit classic Frill shark design with a central cusp flanked by two lateral cusps. The crown is near complete (central cusp end damage)  and the root is complete. Note - two crown ends were very neatly reattached without fill or gaps which is typical for a matrix free specimen. Crack lines are hard to see without magnification. Highest quality enamel. No repair. A very difficult tooth to locate and an excellent collector's tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. This incredible specimen is from a 20 year old collection. A fantastic Frill shark specimen!

CD91              SIZE: 5/8"  Wide 

Note - Adding 64 Hornby Island deep water shark teeth.   ->   Link to all Hornby Island shark teeth.

The Northumberland Formation exposed on Hornby Island, British Columbia contains one of the best known assemblages of Late Cretaceous deep water sharks in the world. The deposit is Late Campanian in age (about 74 million years old). There are 30 species of sharks identified and 17 species were newly named in 2019. These deep water species belong to the Chlamydoselachiformes, Hexanchiformes, Squaliformes, and Echinorhiniformes. They include the rare and highly sought after Chlamydoselachus or Frill shark teeth.

The collection that I am offering was assembled 20 years ago. I have always been very interested in the Hornby Island site since I found out about it 20 years ago, but teeth were never available. Now, I am offering an opportunity to purchase shark teeth from 16 rare deep water species (64+ specimens) including 3 different Frill shark species.  Many of these species were newly named in 2019 for the Hornby Island shark teeth since they differed from their European /other counterparts.

An incredible location to build your rare shark tooth collection.