Ptychodus latissimus

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An EXTRA LARGE, Top Quality Ptychodus latissimusan extinct durophagous (shell-crushing) shark, tooth from Ellis Co., Texas. An excellent example of this Upper Cretaceous Atco Fm. tooth. These massive teeth have a design with 5 to 6 strong transverse ridges extending across the cusp face and granular margins. Authenticity guaranteed.  Perfect tooth. 

T291            SIZE: 1"

Note - Adding 100+ new Texas shark teeth in October 2021.   Link to Texas shark teeth

This catalog contains excellent teeth from a durophagous (shell-crushing) shark - Ptychodus latissimus. These teeth were collected from the Atco Formation. All teeth are complete and well preserved.

Atco Formation is Upper Cretaceous calcareous marl that dates to the Early Coniacian age (88 MYA).