Prosqualodon errabundus      

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A LARGE "Prosqualodon" primitive whale tooth with a big root structure from the Sharktooth Hill area, near Bakersfield, California. Excellent preservation and gorgeous color. Complete root - very unique for this species. A mid Miocene Giant Dolphin-like creature. Authenticity guaranteed. My favorite giant dolphin-like creature species. Near Perfect tooth.

ST901            SIZE: 2-1/8" 

Note - Adding 3 new Prosqualodon teeth in February 2022  -->   Link to Prosqualodon Dolphin Teeth


This catalog contains teeth from an unusual Giant Primitive Dolphin which has been referred to as "Prosqualodon errabundus" forever. Professionals do not agree with this identification, but they have not studied and named this species to date. So, I will go with the flow and continue to call it Prosqualodon until a new name is established.

These are very large teeth with a wonderfully preserved, enameled crown and a heavy cylindrical  root. Massive teeth. The Sharktooth Hill site produces exceptional "Prosqualodon" teeth. This is another species that is not typically found outside of the Sharktooth Hill area. We are offering some the largest and highest quality teeth from this rare giant Dolphin. It is very unlikely that you have a Prosqualodon in your Sharktooth Hill collection. These are some of best Sharktooth Hill specimens!