Prognathodon anceps (Mosasaurus)

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A Top Quality Prognathodon anceps tooth from the phosphate mining region, Khouribga, Morocco. P. anceps is one of the largest mosasaur species known with huge nearly round teeth used for crushing prey.  Exceptional condition and preservation. Note - this large Moroccan Mosasaur was renamed to a Prognathodon genus. A massive Mosasaur tooth from the hero of Jurassic World! No repair or restoration.  Authenticity guaranteed. This is a fantastic specimen. 

M1067        SIZE: 1-13/16"    (1-1/4" wide) 

Note - Adding 35 new Mosasaur teeth in November 2023. -->  Link to Mosasaur teeth.



These are examples of extinct Prognathodon anceps, a large Cretaceous, marine reptile. Sharks had to fear these creatures! Found in the phosphate mine region, Khouribga, Morocco. A massive Mosasaur tooth from the hero of Jurassic World!

Common problems with rooted Mosasaur teeth - 

1) Rooted teeth are commonly reassembled with the crown reattached to a root (and often a "manufactured" root), The intersection of the crown and root is usually a line which is different colored. On reassmbled teeth, this line looks like matrix (sandy) with glue and the area looks painted with the sandy glue mix. 

2) Rooted teeth are often artificially set of matrix since there is a demand for a matrix rooted teeth and it easier to conceal restoration work with matrix teeth. You will see a different color and sand consistency of the matrix layer around the teeth on the reassembled teeth. 

3) Large rooted Mosasaur teeth typically always have a flaw(s). If too perfect, it may be manufactured.