Parotodus benedeni                    

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A TOP QUALITY, 2-3/4" MONSTER SIZED ultra rare Parotodus benedeni tooth from the Lee Creek mine, Aurora, No. Carolina. A February Fossil of the Month.  Lateral tooth. The crown has extremely sharp cutting edges. Excellent light tan color with a light tan root and bourlette. The root is ~3/4" thick and shows a small hydration cracks. This Parotodus tooth was found in the Yorktown Formation (Pliocene age). No repair or restoration. An incredibly large, very special, rare collector's tooth. Authenticity guaranteed.  An exceptional quality big tooth. The BEST!

LC101           Size: 2-3/4"

Note - Adding 5 Lee Creek P benedeni teeth in February 2023.    Link to LC P. benedeni teeth

The Parotodus benedeni, the False Mako, is a very rare species found in the Lee Creek mine. These teeth are massive with huge root. This large predator must have crushed its prey. You never see these teeth for sale!