Parotodus benedeni

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An ULTRA Rare, TOP QUALITY Parotodus benedeni tooth from Sharktooth Hill, near Bakersfield California. A December 2022 Fossil of the Month. This tooth has a highly desirable light tan enamel and a very massive root. This Parotodus benedeni tooth remains mounted on the original Round Mountain Silt matrix and it is sitting on a chunk of whale bone. The crown enamel has very good luster and very sharp edges. Highest quality enamel! Note -  a small (~1/8") tip repair was professionally done.  A very difficult tooth to locate and an EXCEPTIONAL Collector's tooth! Authenticity guaranteed.  One of the rarest P. benedeni teeth. This incredible display piece came out of a 25 year old old collection.

ST402              SIZE: 2-1/2"

Posting two Sharktooth Hill Parotodus benedeni teeth in December 2022.   Link to Sharktooth Hill P. benedeni teeth

Below is a very rare tooth from  These teeth exhibit an incredibly massive root and a heavy crown that is only characteristic to this unique species. They were large sharks and it is always a challenge to find their teeth. Here's your chance to own a rare P. benedeni from Sharktooth Hill. One of the rarest Parotodus benedeni teeth.  Rare specimen from a former Bob Ernst quarry