Otodus obliquus (Non-Serrate)          

K551 BoP
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A very rare Otodus obliquus tooth with light tan color. Upper jaw anterior tooth. No serrations. There are very few Otodus obliquus teeth are found in Kazakhstan. A great tooth for your evolution set from this location. Found in the Kzil-Orda region, W. Kazakhstan.

K551 BoP           SIZE: 1-1/2"

The Otodus obliquus evolves in the very early Eocene and represents the origin of this transition path. The Otodus obliquus has the non-serrated tooth form. It is the precursor to Carcharocles auriculatus. Note -  Kazakhstan is one of the few places on earth where the transition series from Ototdus (non-serrated) to Auriculatus (fully serrated) can be found.