Pinus sp.

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A Top Quality, rare Pinus sp. pine cone specimen from Germany. This pine cone is fully inflated. Excellent preservation and color. The original matrix is a very hard and heavy sandstone nodule. Note – nodule matrix size is 4-1/4”  x  4-1/8". Authenticity guaranteed. Note - This pine weights approximately 3 pounds. International customers will have a supplemental shipping charge.

Name: Pinus sp.     Age: Upper Oligocene (32 mya)      Location: Bad Kreuznach, Germany

X333        Size: 2"  (15/16" W)

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A LARGE, rare pine cone specimen from Germany. Excellent detail, very high relief, and excellent preservation. The pine cone is inside an extremely hard nodular matrix - excellent preparation. This is a a very rare upper Oligocene pine cone specimen.

Name: Pinus sp.

Age: Upper Oligocene (32 mya)

Location: Bad Kreuznach, Germany