Araucaria mirabilis

X337 BoP
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A TOP QUALITY, LARGE rare Araucaria mirabilis pine cone specimen from Argentina. Another May 2018 Fossil of the Month. These Jurassic pine cones are exquisite and known for their high quality and extreme preservation. This cone is large and shows great exterior detail and a small stem (rare). The Araucaria cone has exceptional inflation; not naturally compressed which commonly occurs. This is the best larger pine cone that I had in stock and I will not be getting any more as exports have stopped!  Authenticity guaranteed. 

X337     Size: 2-3/4" x 1-3/4"

The Argentine pine cones are well know for their high quality and exceptional preservation. Araucaria cone size varies from small to extra large. Some cones ncludes a good stem - rare. These cones are cleaned to show the full detail of the pine cone exterior. Excellent detail has been preserved. Specimens typically exhibit round shape (inflated), but most are slightly compressed. They make incredible pine cone specimens!

Name: Araucaria mirabilis

Age: Jurassic (210 mya)

Location: Patagonia, Argentina