Megamouth shark (Megachasma)

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A GEM, Extra Large Megachasma tooth, the Megamouth shark, from Chile. The Megamouth shark is a very rare and exotic fossil shark tooth since it is rarely found in the fossil record. Megachasma teeth are one of the scarce and well preserved fossils that are unique to the Caldera Basin site in Chile! The best size and quality tooth available. Late Miocene age. An exceptional and rare collector's tooth! The BEST of the BEST! Authenticity guaranteed.

C552                 Size: 7/8"

The Megamouth shark (Megachasma pelagios) is a deepwater shark species that is rarely seen by humans. The Megachasma is a large extant filter-feeding shark much like the whale shark and basking shark. Today's Megamouth shark grows to 17' ; however, the Chilean Miocene shark may have been much larger based upon the extraordinary size of their fossilized teeth. Megamouth sharks have up to 50 rows of teeth in their upper jaw and up to 75 rows of teeth in their lower jaw per The Encyclopedia of Sharks.

You never see a selection of large, top quality Megachasma teeth offered. These teeth are from 10+ year old stashed inventory from the good old days. There are not too many left.

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Size 7/8"
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