Globidens aegyptiacus

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A rare Top Quality Globidens aegypticus Mosasaur tooth from the phosphate mining area near Amman, Jordan. Excellent condition and preservation. No repair or restoration. Complete tooth.  These teeth are late Cretaceous age.  Note - this Mosasaur is renamed to the Prognathodon genus. Authenticity guaranteed. Rare location!

J221            SIZE: 1-1/16"  W

These are large examples of extinct Globidens aegypticus Mosasaur tooth from a large Cretaceous, marine reptile. Found in the phosphate mine region, near Amman, Jordan. Globidens was a specialized shell crusher with rounded, knob-like teeth and fed on abundant turtles, ammonites, squids and molluscs. It grew to approximately 20 feet in length. This species is rare! 

Please note that Globidens aegyptiacus Zdansky, 1935 is now the type species for Igdamanosaurus aegyptiacus. It was determined to be a unique Globidensini type mosasaur and was named after the village where it was first found. Name means the lizard from Igdaman.