Gomphotherium - Early Elephant

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A Top Quality Gomphotherium - Early Elephant molar from Georgia. A January Fossil of the Month. Excellent jet black color with incredible preservation. Great color!  The Gomphotherium was a very successful extinct elephant ancestor that had four tusks used to eat branches. It evolved in the Miocene of North America. A complete molar with an incredibly articulated chewing surface. An unerupted tooth with no wear. Weighs 3.25 bs. with stand. No damage. Minor repair to root base only. No restoration. An exceptional, collector's Gomphotherium tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. This is a great display with a custom stand. Note: international shipping cost will be calculated. Please request quote.

X606    Size (specimen): 5-1/4" Length  x   3-1/8" width x  4'' high (Height on stand is 6-3/8")

Name: Mammoth    

Age: Miocene - Pliocene  

Location: Coastal Georgia

Note - Posting three Mammoth - Gomphotherium teeth in January 2024.  ->  Link to Gomphotherium teeth



A beautifully preserved Gomphotherium molar.  An extinct elephant ancestor with long, curved tusks that evolved in the Miocene of North America. Note - Skeleton photo by Wolfman SF.