Seals  - Acrophoca sp.                                          

C757 BoP
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A GEM Acrophoca sp. seal pre-molar from the Bahia Iglesa Fm. of Chile. Perfect tooth. Incredible root preservation and color. Museum Quality. Authenticity guaranteed.

C757  BoP       Size: 11/16"


This catalog contains very colorful and well preserved Pliocene age seal teeth. (Approx. 4 million years ago). Several different genus and species are featured including Acrophoca sp. (most common), Monachus sp., and Piscophoca sp. The Acrophoca sp. appears to be Acrophoca longirostris. This is an incredible group of museum quality teeth. Best selection of color and species - anywhere. You to can own some Great White shark food!

Note - An incredible group of perfect Seal teeth from my old inventory. You may never see a group of top quality Chilean Seal teeth again!