Allodesmus kernensis              

ST1001 BoP
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An Extra Large Allodesmus kernensis jaw section with a massive canine, a molar, and a open socket.  Excellent preservation and excellent color. Museum Quality Allodesmus specimen! 

ST1001 BoP      SIZE: 4-3/4" (3" H)

This catalog contains teeth and jaw sections from a very rare and very large Primitive Sea Lion - Alledosmus kernensis. This catalog contains some very rare jaw sections with multiple teeth and superb specimen teeth that are wonderfully preserved. The Sharktooth Hill site produces exceptional Allodesmus teeth. We are offering some the largest and highest quality teeth from this rare primitive Sea Lion. We are also offering very rare jaws with teeth from the Neotherium mirum is a smaller relative of the Allodesmus.   Have a look at this rare offering from the Bob Ernst collection. It is very unlikely that you have a large Alledesmus tooth in your Sharktooth Hill collection. These are some of Bob Ernst's best!